Improved blog integration!

An easy way to turn your self-hosted wordpress blog into a book

Posted in news on 3 April, 2019

IntoRealPages can turn blogs into printed books for a long time - by way of an XML export file that you can create in your Wordpress administration panel. 

However, we have now added a new and much easier way to load your blog items into a new blog book project! For this, simply enter the url of your blog and start importing your data! 

Note that this new feature only works for public blogs. So if you have a private blog, the XML export is the way to go. Or you set your blog to public, create a book project, and then reset your blog to private. 

Instructions for printing a self-hosted wordpress

  • Log in to
  • From your workspace, choose to 'add a blog'
  • Choose 'self-hosted wordpress' as your platform
  • In the 'automatic import' form, simply enter your blog's url and your blog's title. 
  • Click the 'start import button'
  • Your project will be created and your post items will be downloaded!


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