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Bakari Chavanu prints his blog with Into Real Pages

Posted in news on 3 March, 2015 wrote it a while ago when we were still called 'Booklrs'. Makeuseof really liked our editor. Oh, if they only knew how many improvements we made to our since they review!

Author Bakari Chavanu sums up the many ways you can use our service:

  • A book based on the first year of your newborn
  • A collection of letters written to your children.
  • A travel book.
  • A collection of blog posts about your church or organization.
  • A personal, local, or national story that you post content about.
  • A collection of posts about a sports, music, or holiday event.
  • A book of your private journal or diary.
  • A display book about your business.
  • A portfolio or art book.

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