Haley goes to Poland

A lovely testimonial

Posted in general on 3 September, 2016

Just received a wonderful email with a testimonial from Haley, who used Into Real Pages to print her travelblog Tall Tales into a real (and great looking) book.


"I wanted to make a book of the blog posts from my trip to Poland and chose Into Real Pages after researching options for creating photo books with lots of text. I was happy to find sites that imported the text and photos directly from your blog, saving an incredible amount of time, but it seemed that only Into Real Pages offered some creative control and the ability to edit content. I made the book with primarily my mother in mind and she was absolutely delighted.

The quality is excellent and I'll be converting other trips into books as time permits. Thank you!"

And how that gives us a wonderful feeling!

Visit Hayley blog at talltales.me.

And turn your blog into a printed book at intorealpages.com !


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