Even historians and Google directors say it: if it matters, print it!


You can use Into Real Pages to turn your blog into a real printed book with just a few clicks of your mouse button!

For who?

In the first place: for every blogger! But in practice people with original content will mostly use Into Real Pages.


Because we still want emotionally valuable things to be safe and usually close around us. Your blogging life is about you, your real life. It matters.

Into Real Pages, pleased to meet you!

Although the current website was launched at the end of 2014, Into Real Pages actually has been around since the end of 2013. We were called 'Booklrs' back then and only supported the Tumblr blog platform. We were (and still are) two guys. Brothers.

Into Real Pages is about, well, keeping it real.

We will get your blogging life out of the untangible digital world and give it birth in the real world. Freed from the viewport of your device, your blog as a book will now be close to you forever. Look at the pages. There is your writing. There are your photographs. See the light from the window softly fall over them. Be amazed at the experience of having turned your blog into something real. It's fascinating how something so old as a book can have such a new effect on us!

Printing what matters only matters if it happens with respect to the content that is printed. We fully understand the emotional value that your photos and stories have. And that's why we have put a lot of time in the technology of transforming your digital content into a real book. We wanted our books to have wonderful designs that never compromises your content.

Also, because most of our users have blogs with very personal content, we as a company have a very personal approach towards you. We help our users out very quickly, always. We love to communicate with you ourselves and it happened many times that tips or feedback from a users were made into new features of our book editor overnight!


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The team



Programming & web design |

Duality is my middle name. It runs through everything I do. The concept of Into Real Pages was born from both my love for the old world and preserving tradition on one side and my fascination for web technology on the other side. I developed Into Real Pages on my modern laptop, while sitting in a chair from the 1910s, behind my 'desk' that once was owned by a peasant in the South of France somewhere in the 1880s. And to top it off: I have a MA in History only to become a software developer.

But when it comes to the most important part of Into Real Pages, there actually isn't much duality going 'round. There's just that good old human feeling that say: if it matters, I want to have it close to me, be able to see it and touch it.



Marketing & content management |

Hi, I'm Hans, nice to meet you. I'm obsessed with every aspect of 'the book'...

As a writer, the process of writing brings consolance, and I experience 'esthetic bliss' when i lay my eyes on a beautifully designed book cover.

As a marketeer, the social media developments that got my attention were social writing and social reading: bookbytes.net enabled lovers of literature to join forces and create their own anthologies through our website.

Back on track with my brother again, i can express my obsession with 'the book' on a next level. The first time novelist comes around when turning my blogs on blogger, tumblr "into real pages". my fondness for great looking book designs is expressed in the designs for ad's, news letters, and of course the IRP website. as a marketeer i thoroughly search the web for anything practical or potentially personal value for me, IRP and you guys.

Producing books in the 21st century

We produce our books mostly in our own country but if our printer has a dependence near your location, it will be printed there! The quality of all our printed products is always the same (top notch!). We moved to our new Printer friends in 2016 and they will keep delivering high quality books for us and you. They take care of that nice solid and shining pages onto which your images will flow with rich true to life colors!