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Capture your memories in a unique book.

Bloggers use Into Real Pages to make a book from their Wordpress blog for over 7 years now. Over the years, we have perfected our integration with the Wordpress platform. So when you ask yourself the question: "How to make a blog from my Blogger or Blogspot?", start a book project on Into Real Pages!

Read more on how to print your blog as a book in our blog book making guide .

If it matters to you, print it!

More and more of our memories, thoughts and creativity are stored at big internet companies. More and more grows the need to bring it home. Your blogging life is part of your real life. It matters. Make it real and tangible. Print it!

The most amazing gift

If your friend or family runs a blog, there is no greater and original gift you can give them other than printing their blog. Surprise them after giving them a kiss or handshake. They'll love it! Show your love for them by writing a wonderful foreword.