Printed Into Real Pages are meant to be beautiful, professional representations of your work here on the site. Into Real Pages guarantee that:

  • Your Books will be free from manufacturing defects. Into Real Pages partners with the best photo Book printers to ensure that you get a high quality product every time;
  • Your order will reflect the quality of your work. Into Real Pages uses your original uploaded photos to provide the highest possible quality in your Book;
  • Please note that each Book you order from us is individually made by one of Into Real Pages' top-notch professional printers. There may be minor differences across different prints of the same Books, because we use the latest and highest quality techniques to produce your Book quickly so you can get it in your hands! Differences may include slight variation in color fidelity and binding. We do work very hard to keep our products consistent, but small variations are a normal occurrence when printing your personal photo Books.

After you have created your Book, we always redirect you to the Preview mode of the Book. You can leaf through the digital representation of every page of your Book as well as the front and the back cover. Hovering your cursor over the Book pages will allow you to zoom in on the Book pages. This way you can check out all details of every page of your Book. Important: what you see is what you get. If there are errors in your Book, please contact us and we will correct them for you right away. If after checking out the Book Preview you don't like the theme or format, redo your Book with different layout settings and check out the new Preview again until you are satisfied with the result. You should only proceed to ordering your Book if you are satisfied with the full Book Preview.

Not satisfied with your book?

Into Real Pages guarantees that the Books will be free of any substantial defects in material and workmanship terms. Into Real Pages will at its own expense, and only if its obligation, and your sole remedy, replace all substantial deficient Books (for example: wrongly ordered pages, texts that are overlapping each other or overflowing a page), which you reported to Into Real Pages within fourteen (14) days. Please contact us via, and we'll make it right!

What we cannot guarantee nor compensate for

Into Real Pages does not proofread nor edit your Book and its Content. Editing your Content as well as chosing a Book format, theme and other style attributes are your own responsibility. So please:

  • Check spelling or grammar errors and unfinished texts or other textual errors concerning your own post items;
  • Don't use images with very low resolution. They will end up printed very small or pixelated in your Book;
  • Unless you choose to use one of our image filters on your blog images, we won't lighten up dark images nor do we add any other image correction effect to your pictures. If the images in your blog posts are too dark or have a low contrast, they will also look this way when printed in your Book, unless you improve their quality and upload the improved image version to your Book by using our Post Item Editor;
  • If you applied one of our image filters to your blog images, please check the Book Preview and make sure you like what you see. The Book Preview with it's zoom function gives a high resolution Preview of the pages of your Book;
  • Make sure you like the Book format, Book theme, cover, etc. you chose when checking out the Preview of your Book;

In short: Always check the Preview of your Book before you consider ordering it. Only order your Book if you are fully satisfied with the Book Preview.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at, and we'll be glad to help!